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Recent Cases

Financial Resources Mortgage
The “FRM” cases involved a massive Ponzi scheme where notes and mortgages were issued but money was stolen by the principals of the “FRM” cases to, among other things, keep the pyramid scheme alive. More than 80 million dollars in claims have been filed. 
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As Trustee and counsel in the RVSI Chapter 7 case, the firm was involved in representing the Trustee in the liquidation of a multi-million dollar public company. The liquidation was hotly contested by some shareholders. Read More 

Spaulding Composites
Spaulding Composites was a multimillion dollar manufacturing operation on the seacoast. Spaulding had to file bankruptcy for many reasons. It had union issues, pension issues, environmental issues, financial issues, both at the federal and state level. Read More

At Donchess & Notinger we solve financial issues by providing expert guidance and responsive service.

Financial crisis is a rough road no matter which end of the law you find yourself. Debtor or Trustee, Supplier or Lender, when you realize you need professional counsel Donchess & Notinger stands at the ready with a rich history of professional legal counsel in Bankruptcy, Reorganization, and Collection matters.

At Donchess & Notinger, we have navigated our clients through the twisted and winding paths of financial crisis and the legal system no matter whether they are debtors or lenders. Our attorneys continuously represent clients in all aspects of debtor-creditor law. The firm’s continual focus and range of experience keeps our legal professionals deeply rooted in all matters of Bankruptcy, Financial Restructuring, Employment Law and Commercial Litigation. The firm represents large multinational companies, public companies, small businesses, and handles large securities and bankruptcy fraud matters including multi-million dollar ponzi schemes.

Practice Areas
Business Bankruptcy 

Trusted adviser for debtors and creditors of all sizes on how to best resolve their debt or collection issues.

Financial Restructuring 

Our representation of clients of all types and magnitude in financial restructuring is time tested.

Employment Law 

Helping both employers and employees navigate the ever-changing laws that govern today’s workplace.

Commercial Litigation

Representing clients across a broad spectrum of industries in business and financial disputes.

Tax Planning and Disputes 

Successfully resolving tax disputes, particularly in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy areas.

 Trustee Representation 

Responsive and thorough in handling all aspects of the unique and challenging issues faced by bankruptcy Trustees.

 Creditors Committees 

Representing Creditors Committees overseeing creditors’ rights during Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings.

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The experienced legal professionals at Donchess & Notinger represent clients in all aspects of debtor-creditor law throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire with expert legal counsel in the areas of bankruptcy, employment law and commercial litigation. Donchess & Notinger is the only firm in New Hampshire whose partners have dedicated much, if not all, of their careers to bankruptcy matters, including Bankruptcy Trustees.

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